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Why We Need to Save the Bees!

It should be common knowledge by now that we need bees (if you haven’t seen The Bee Movie then you should!). But why exactly? Well we’ve compiled a list of facts about bees and reasons why saving them is of our top priority!

1. They help keep our planet green.

Insects visit various plants for a very specific reason, nectar. This is their food source and what they need to survive. When a bee lands on a flower to consume the sweet nectar, the pollen on the surface of the plant gets stuck to the body of the bee. The bee then travels from flower to flower and spreads the pollen, this is called pollination. Pollination helps plants breed, fertilise and produce seeds, creating more green lands and improving our ecosystem.

It’s no secret that plants provide us with oxygen that we need to breathe but they also provide natural habitats for wildlife and much more! Nearly 80% of wildflowers in Europe are pollinated by bees, so it’s quite important that we help save and preserve these little pollinators.

2. They help with agriculture to provide food for us.

As well as wildflowers and other pretty plants, bees also help pollinate crops and agriculture to help make food for us. Foods such as apples, sweet potatoes and watermelons. But also, food for livestock such as clover and alfalfa.

3. For those who have a sweet tooth.

Honey bees use the nectar that they collect from plants to produce honey. Honey feeds the colony within the hive throughout the winter when no plants are blooming.

4. Not all bees are the same.

In fact, there are over 20,000 known species of bees in the world. 270 of these have been recorded in the UK, one of which is the famous Honey bee. The majority of Honey bees are managed and looked after in colonies by beekeepers. The rest of the UK’s bees are wild, these consist of 25 Bumblebee species and over 220 types of solitary bee.

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